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Actiris new director appointed under fire: I got a taxi ... (Brussels)

Actiris new director appointed under fire: I got a taxi … (Brussels)


Not everything had gone according to the book when the new director of the Brussels Employment Service Actiris was appointed. Questions arise after Brussels-based French-language media outlet BX1 claimed that the lead candidate, Cristina Amboldi, deputy chief of staff to Labor Minister Bernard Clairvet, had early access to the vacant documents.

GVSource: Belgian

BX1 reported yesterday that Cristina Amboldi, in her position as Deputy Chief of Staff to Minister Clairvett, had access to the documentation for the first job vacancy and was even going to amend it. This raises questions now that you’re in the lead for the Actiris director role. It can also have consequences for her appointment, if someone files an appeal to the State Council.

The opposition party N-VA requested an emergency debate in the working committee on Wednesday, but that was rejected. Brussels MP Gil Vertstraiten requests suspension of appointment due to possible internal fraud.

“The last thing we need at Actiris is a perception of bias and mismanagement. Especially now in the midst of the economic recovery, in which it plays a crucial role as an employer of employment,” Verstraeten says. The N-VA member concludes, “I am therefore calling on the government to suspend the appointment of Ms. Amboldi, to investigate the matter in detail and to provide full transparency about the recruitment procedure.”

“We are not commenting. The action backed by is ongoing. The government will look into the matter tomorrow. So Amboldi has not been appointed as general manager.”

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