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Most Chinese missiles burned in the atmosphere, debris in the Indian Ocean

The first batch for the Chinese space station “Tiangang” “Heavenly Palace” was the “Tianhe” (Heavenly Harmonics) missile launched on April 29. Called the Long March 5B Rocket, it is a very powerful missile vehicle.

Normally, after launch, a missile vehicle immediately lands on the ground and in a controlled manner, usually at sea. However, Long March 5b reached sufficient speed to enter low Earth orbit. This rocket is designed so that it can then return to Earth by gravity out of control. It is impossible to predict where the missile will crash. It may fall between 41 degrees north latitude and 41 degrees south latitude in New York, Madrid or Beijing, or south as well as Wellington in New Zealand.

It has become clear in recent days that the 30-meter rocket will return to Earth this weekend. At speeds of hundreds of kilometers per hour, there were fears of massive debris crashing into populated areas. Not only potential damage, but also the resulting casualties. Astronomers from the United States and Europe closely watched the situation. Criticisms arose against China for failing to ensure the missile returned in a controlled manner. China did not accept this, saying that most of the missile would burn.

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