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Substitute Dennis Praet returns to Turin after months of injury Serie A TIM 2021/2022

Substitute Dennis Praet returns to Turin after months of injury Serie A TIM 2021/2022

  1. 24′ – Yellow – Dimitris Nikolaou
  2. 4′ – penalty kick goal – Sasa Lukic (1-0)
  3. 3′ – Yellow – Martin Ehrlich
  1. 90 + 7′ – Goal Penalty Kick – Rey Manaj (2-1)
  2. 85′ – Wilfried Sengo continued to Christian Ansaldic
  3. 76′ – Continued Bremen – Kofi Djidji
  4. 70′ – Salvador Ferrer continued to David Strellick
  5. 69′ – Goal – Sasa Lukic (2-0)
  6. 62′ – Yellow – Primer
  7. 62′ – Follow Demba Sec by Dennis Bright
  8. 61′ – Marco Bajaca continued to Josep Pricalo

Good news for the Red Devils: Dennis Bright is back after foot surgery in February. As a substitute, Praet took half an hour in Torino’s victory over Spezia. Sasa Lukic was the winner of the match with two goals: 2-1.

Dennis Bright He broke his leg in the foot in February, during a period when he was indispensable from the Turin base. His coach, Ivan Juric, was already fearing for Bright before the end of the season, but that wasn’t too bad.

Bright underwent surgery in Belgium and his rehabilitation went well. This is how our citizen was able to return today. He was allowed to fill up the Torino club an hour later and watched his teammate Lukic score for the second time against Spezia.

Manag only trailed 2-1 in extra time, so Turin, 11th in Serie A, managed to add three points.

  1. The second half, the 97th minute, the game is over
  2. Ray Manaj (Spezia) puts the ball into the penalty area and converts the penalty kick. Second half, 97th minute.
  3. A goal after a penalty kick in the second half, the 97th minute by Rey Manaj from Spezia. 2, 1.
  4. Penalty kick for Spezia. The VAR studied the images and the referee placed the ball on point. Second half, 95th minute.
  5. Punishment for Spezia! Error by Kofi Djidji (Turin). Re-Manage (Spezia) has been discontinued. Second half, 94th minute.
  6. Raising the assistant referee’s flag: Antonio Sanabria (Torino) was offside. Second half, 92nd minute.
  7. Saved by Ivan Providel (Spezia), who can fend off the ball while diving. Second half, 92nd minute.
  8. Morjim Vojvoda (Torino) attacks with his right… Second half, 92nd minute.
  9. Mërgim Vojvoda (Turin) can pass with his right foot, but his shot is blocked. Second half, 92nd minute.
  10. Corner for Spezia. Kevin Agodlow kicks her to the far post. Second half, 90th minute.
  11. Raising the assistant referee’s flag: David Strelec (Spezia) was offside. Second half, 88th minute.
  12. At Spezia, Kevin Agudelo takes the corner. His cross goes to the first column. Second half, 87th minute.
  13. Second half, 85th minute. Substitution in Turin, Cristian Ansaldi inside, Wilfried Sengo
  14. Corner of Turin. Josep Pricalo kicks her to the far post. Second half, 80th minute.
  15. Re-Manage (Spezia) summoned by the referee. He went away in Wilfried Sengo (Turin). Second half, 77th minute.
  16. The attempt was saved by Vanja Milinkovic-Savic (Torino). The goalkeeper advanced steadily and managed to catch the ball. Second half, 76th minute.
  17. Ray Manaj (Spezia) attacks with his right… Second half, 76th minute.
  18. Second half, 76th minute. Substitution in Turin, Kofi Djidji inside, Bremer exit
  19. Ray Manaj (Spezia) puts his head against the ball, but he can’t frame. Second half, 74th minute.
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