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Switch Pro actually has a short-lived Mexico product page

Switch Pro actually has a short-lived Mexico product page

If you need more confirmation on that Switch Pro Coming up, I hope this wins you over. Amazon Mexico has put its Switch Pro product page online for a while. And that doesn’t mean anything other than that the console comes on very quickly. This also feeds rumors of a possible revelation during the upcoming E3. Whether this will also happen remains speculation, but the rumors mill anyway are at full speed for the Switch Pro.

Wherever there is a product page, there is a fire

It’s clear that Jeff Bezos’s employees aren’t pies. They know that they can only create a product page if there is something inside to create it. There are also no specs, images, or other stuff on the Switch Pro page. This indicates that the IT team at Amazon Mexico is currently preparing the page for Switch Pro. However, this page was transmitted prematurely to the Internet. Just press the wrong button. Amazon Mexico, however, understands that. The site previously revealed the existence of Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Spyro Reignited Triology. Nintendo (of course) hasn’t officially yet responded to this story. But one thing is for sure: Wherever there is smoke, Nintendo is fire.

Switch Pro is coming

Unfortunately, it will take some time, but the key is coming. Production will start in July 2021, so the console will be in stores in September. The full specifications are not there yet, but it looks like the console will support at least 4K and will get a solid 7-inch OLED panel with a resolution of 720p. This is in contrast to the 6.2 inch LCD panel of the current switch.

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