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Destruction AllStars is adding online robots to help fill lobbies

Destruction AllStars is adding online robots to help fill lobbies

The PS5-exclusive Destruction Allstars gets new features and QoS updates. For example, online matchmaking robots are added when few players are active.

Developer Lucid Games shared an update Reddit, Explain what you plan to do with Destruction AllStars. A release period has not been determined for the next update.

“With a community the size of Destruction AllStars spread across the globe, there are peaks and dips in player activity for online matchmaking,” Lucid Games explained. To make sure all matches are always full, AI robots will fill in the last places in case no real players can be found. This applies to all modes except Blitz. This is a competitive mode in which it will always have players.

In addition to robots, Destruction AllStars will also have world parties where players with friends can wait in both singles and team modes, a playlist feature that allows you to select your favorite game modes, and several QoS improvements that add to the overall experience.

Tournaments are also being considered, with players reporting that sometimes you feel like you aren’t hitting anything at all. Ghost Hits is also something that the team is actively looking at in terms of gameplay to fine-tune how strong or weak some abilities perform over others.

Destruction AllStars was released on PlayStation Plus in February 2021.

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