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Tango 6 in Argentina | Looking ahead

Expected later this year Lombard: Tango Part 6. This is a large nature park in Argentina near the triangle on the border of Brazil and Paraguay. Mike goes there to settle a respectable debt. It becomes a family affair …

Philip Xavier and Mats previously pointed out that the South American continent would be exchanged for a completely different place. They were considering New Zealand, but we would stay in South America for a while. This is a familiar area for draftsman Xavier, who often went on vacation to South America as a teenager. He lived there for a while, first in Argentina and then in Chile Pinochet.

Prior to the series’ launch, Le Lombard publishers relied heavily on the series and backed the author duo to pay for a three-week trip through Bolivia. They slept in small hotels and small rooms, often together in bed. Xavier could not sleep often because Mats snored so loudly, he gave Mats his ear. The rest behave well. Efforts paid off. In French, more than 100,000 copies of the first four volumes have already been sold together.

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For hard card Tango Part 6 (. 16.95) applies for a pre-order consultation. Contact your retailer, publisher, comic shops and make a difference for yourself. Check out our list of comic shops to confirm copy.

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