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Tascam releases new cassette tapes for the 1979 Portastudio multi-tape recorder – picture and sound – news

Audio manufacturer Tascam has released a new analog cassette, the Tascam 424 Studio Master High Bias Type II Cassette. This cassette is for the Tascam/TEAC 144 Portastudio released in 1979, and later Portastudio tape recorders.

The Tascam 424 cassette was developed in conjunction with the National Audio Company, the largest surviving manufacturer of cassette tapes in the United States. The cassette is made of an outer plastic created using a combination of injection molding and 3D printing to faithfully reproduce the original TEAC cassette, which includes a high-bias, cobalt-oxide magnetic tape of metal oxides that works as hard as possible. It should mimic the format used in Portastudio bars. It is not a perfect reproduction, TASCAM admits. There has been a worldwide shortage of oxide for magnetic tape since 2019, which has prevented the exact same formulation from being copied.

However, the cassette should work well with the original Portastudios and provide a warm analog sound, according to the company. More importantly, according to Tascam, it is an affordable cassette tape, rather than “expensive” New old stockIt can also be found on the Internet, the quality of which has deteriorated over the years. According to Tascam, it is now the only manufacturer of High Bias Type II cassette tapes.

According to the company, the new cassette delivers up to 4 decibels more sound compared to standard Type II tapes and less noise when used in a multi-tape 144 Portastudio recorder. First released in 1979, this recorder was one of the first “portable” multi-tape recorders with mixers, which allowed musicians to record music at home. The fully restored Tascam 424 Portastudio was used for tape testing. The cassette will be available in . format LIMITED EDITION employment The company’s website. It is not yet known how much the tapes will cost.

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