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ACV and VSOA file strike notice for federal officials

ACV and VSOA file strike notice for federal officials

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ACV and VSOA unions file strike notice for federal government employees. They announced on Wednesday that it will go into effect on January 14 at 10 p.m. for an indefinite period. ACOD does not support notification. “It doesn’t make sense to campaign now,” there was stated.

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Christian and liberal unions are upset that negotiations with Civil Service Minister Petra de Satre (Green) on increasing the purchasing power of civil servants have reached a dead end. “In May and June of this year, we had intense discussions and very specific papers were drawn up on a large number of aspects, including around year-end bonus and meal vouchers,” they criticize. Since then, calm has prevailed with regard to negotiations on a sectoral agreement.”

Meanwhile, workloads continue to rise due to “limited employment levels due to continued linear savings,” she said. “The situation is gradually becoming unacceptable in many services.” In addition, an additional teleworking allowance was discontinued at the end of September.

ACV and VSOA are calling for a series of measures to increase the purchasing power of civil servants. It’s about “reassessing pay scales” for the first time in nearly twenty years, the whole thirteenth month and the introduction of meal vouchers. “So far, the government has not shown any willingness to release the necessary budget resources,” they say.

The socialist union ACOD, the largest union among federal civil servants with the ACV, did not support the strike notice. According to General Secretary Gino Hubei, it does not make sense to take action in mid-January, while there will only be budgetary oversight again in February.

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“We’ve also put in place a proposal ourselves on modest increases and year-end bonus and want to give Minister de Satter every opportunity to look at budget options,” Hoppe said. “But if we got the signal in February that there was absolutely no cash, that’s of course a different story,” he warns.

Furthermore, ACOD opposes the other two unions’ demands to introduce meal vouchers, mainly because they have no effect on the pension account. “It has always been an understatement for us and it always will be,” Hoppe asserts.