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Telegram Premium: the paid version just got more real

Image Credit: Telegram

Will Telegram New Features Be Pushed Soon? Telegram is about to launch a Premium subscription.

Telegram has been hinting at a possible paid version on top of the free app since the end of 2020 and now those plans seem to be very concrete. Android Police I noticed the first traces of paid features in the latest beta version of the chat app for iOS. At the moment, there will only be a few stickers, which you can send and view only if you upgrade your account to Telegram Premium.

However, it is still unclear how much a subscription to Telegram Premium will cost as well as how the free and paid versions should coexist. We can’t imagine many people willing to pay for a messaging service to activate some extra emoji. On the other hand, Telegram wants to avoid scaring its free users by making all the new features pay from now on.

From Premium to Freemium

The form that Telegram wants to use is no longer of course. Many mobile apps implement the “freemium” model, where the basic product is offered for free along with some great extras that you have to purchase separately or have a subscription. Well-known examples include Spotify, YouTube, and a cart download of mobile games. The concept of freemium is gradually making its way to social media. Twitter has Blue and Instagram subscriptions already up and running Tests with exclusive content that you have to pay for. Telegram is said to be the first popular messaging service to come up with a payment slot.

Would you be willing to pay for a service like Telegram? We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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