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Tesla does not receive 1.14 billion euros in support for a battery factory near Berlin

This is kind of the nature of the beast. In addition, any union in Europe behaves very differently from the union in the United States which has only served to oppose unions in the United States.

Just like the preference for the construction of wooden houses, the preference for the ever-increasing volumes in the construction of houses, motorcycles, cars, plastic sheds, etc. There are a lot of differences in views between the United States and Europe. If you do business smartly in the United States, don’t assume that the same way of doing business will have the same success.

Personally, I think Europe is doing the best. The extreme capitalist approach eventually produces the same result as the extreme communist approach. Too much wealth with too little group and too big a very dissatisfied population. The two advantages of capitalism are that it takes longer to get the same result and that capitalism is easier to “sell” to the average population by the hope of a rich life for you and/or your children than by hard work.

The truth, as always, lies somewhere in the middle. Europe is doing a lot of very wrong things, but they do better in this area than the US, and yes, with hard work and the reward for that, there’s nothing bad to be said about that. But if you’re of low birth and work like crazy in the US, you might think you’re rich, but you only have to “sniff out” the wealth once. And you’ll likely end up in the hospital because of this, and the fortune you’ve worked for for years will be gone in a week or two.

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In any case, there is a huge difference in thinking between the United States and Europe. The “me, me, me” way of doing things in the US doesn’t work well in Europe. Where in the last century the “we, us, we” way of thinking was used in Europe, this is also increasingly the shift to “me, me, me” and the gap between rich and poor has widened and the overall quality of life has not improved since then.

From my point of view, federations are country by country, while in Europe they are national unions. This makes the story of union in the United States more difficult than it already is.