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Amazon releases a software service for the organization’s bot fleet management – IT Pro – News

In a process with 10 trades, 1 to 3 can be fully automated.

As a temporary worker, I’ve literally looked inward and worked in hundreds of companies, and from my point of view what bots can do these days, I think you should flip your numbers in the most negative interface: maybe 1 – 3 of your 10 actions Not complete can Automate, in theory in my opinion, you can now fully automate 95% of actions in 90% of companies – Which The only question is whether it is financially viable.

A robot that costs a million and needs a worker who wants to earn a net ton per year, so you can have a lot of people working in a third world country. They may not work 24/7, but 100 hours a week in a quarter of an hour…Unfortunately, for many, this is still the reality.

And yes, of course we have to look at how to reorganize society more equitably (financially/financially), but that depends as much on aging and other global issues like climate/environment issue as it does on robotics, so no relevance here with this article.

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