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Tesla offers Model 3 and Model Y without radar in US – image and sound – news

That means

I do not understand that anyone can conclude that more data is better data. No one can come to an end without knowing how the system works. I think no one here knows how Tesla will draw conclusions from this data (and I would like to point out that such assumptions cannot be made …

Your argument seems to contradict Sekel’s law:
But we are not comparing apples with apples here. We compare radar to cameras … your argument only applies if you have multiple identical inputs. In fact that comparison applies. Tesla is already getting more reliable data using multiple camera inputs.

The high resolution of the camera does not mean that additional information is leaked.
I’m not completely clear here, but I’m not talking about camera resolution, but about extended data (values).

Depending on the situation, low-resolution radar can provide more information than a dozen high-resolution cameras.
Is that right Can radar determine exactly what an object is? Which way does a person look? I think you forgot that travel control radar is very low in clarity. How much data can you take from this compared to the camera frame?

Anyone with any understanding of this knows that avoiding radar is an evil.
How can you make such a statement without knowing how Tesla’s system works? Phantom braking, for example, occurs in most radar systems:…ssan-safety-idUSKCN1VX2CP

In February, Nissan recalled 75,358 2017-2018 Rogue and Cashcoi vehicles in Canada, warning a metal system such as a railroad or overhead sign to activate the automatic emergency braking system unnecessarily and notify owners that a software update is available.
Radar systems are not as reliable as people think. That is why these systems often operate only above or below a certain speed. For example, radar has great difficulty in recognizing fixed objects. As a result, you find that car manufacturers are all building systems around these boundaries. Volvo is an example City security, A laser system … Are you going to point out that Volvo doesn’t understand it because they don’t use radar for it?

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Proves that many systems no longer work (correctly).
This proves that they did not finish those parts. Nothing more than that, nothing less. I do not understand why you are making assumptions …

It will be a long time before these features return.
Let’s see it. Update should be released in a few weeks …