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Xiaomi was deliberately removed from the blacklist in the United States

Xiaomi informed Android World this morning that the technology company has been officially removed from the US block list.

Shiomi on the military detention list

The United States recently blacklisted some Chinese technology companies, including Hawaii, ZE and Xiaomi. There is a big difference: Siomi was placed on a military detention list. The United States has a list of companies considered “communist, Chinese military” and Xiaomi From January 2021 That stamp. This military block list has fewer consequences for a company Institutional list of the U.S. Treasury Department that includes Hawaii. Xiaomi, unlike Hawaii, was able to receive deliveries from US companies, but Xiaomi had to do without additional capital. Americans and American companies could no longer invest in Siomi and had to sell their shares.

Siomi Complaint The U.S. government announced the same in March Known cause Why Xiaomi ended up on the US blacklist. Finally, earlier this month it was announced by the United States as Siomi Will be removed from the block list Now it is final:

This morning it was officially announced to tech company Xiaomi that it had been officially removed from the US blacklist. The listing of Xiaomi as a Chinese communist military organization took place under the leadership of former US President Trump. At 4.10am on May 25, a U.S. court announced that the Xiaomi group was no longer officially detained by the U.S. government. The U.S. court in the District of Columbia has an official list of Siomi Door The U.S. Department of Defense has canceled the NDAA list of Chinese Communist Military Forces (CMCC), and Xiaomi is not officially on the blacklist. It has been decided by the court worldwide Technology company Shiomi misunderstood Door The U.S. Department of Defense has been added to the NDAA list of the Communist Military Institutions of China (CMCC).

Xiaomi Mi11

The case won

So Siomi has filed this lawsuit and the trade restrictions are not immediately valid. This means that investors with the US nation are allowed to hold their shares / shares in Xiaomi, and can also make investments in the technology company again from the US.

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