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Test Purchase files a new complaint against three sunscreens

Test Purchase files a new complaint against three sunscreens

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Consumer organization Test Aankoop has filed a new complaint with FPS Public Health against three sunscreen creams from Belgian brand Biosolis. They do not meet the protection promised on the packaging. That is why the consumer organization requires products to be removed from the shelves.

GVsource: BELGA

This is the spray version SPF 30, Lotion SPF 30 and Lotion SPF 50+ from Biosolis. SPF 30 products do not meet protection from UVA and UVB rays (responsible for skin aging and sunburn, respectively). Lotion SPF 50+ falls short only in terms of protection against skin aging.

In addition, the consumer organization also reiterates its call for Clinique Mineral Suncream SPF 30 and Zwitsal SPF 50+ cream with children’s fragrance, which have already been used before, from the shelves. ISDIN’s SPF 30 gel cream, which also received an unsatisfactory score, is now no longer on sale.

“Unlike the Zwitsal, ISDIN or Clinique brands, which are respectively Dutch, Spanish and American, Biosolis products are Belgian, which means that FPS Public Health itself can take all the actions it deems necessary in our country, such as retesting the products, without having to wait for any Foreign authorities to take action. So we hope to get a quicker response than in the case of foreign products,” says Simon November, a spokesperson for Test Aankoop.

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