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That is why every woman should examine her breasts |  Stories behind the news

That is why every woman should examine her breasts | Stories behind the news

“In the Netherlands, one in seven women is diagnosed with breast cancer,” says Carla van Gils. “Despite increasing survival rates with the development of new technologies, more than 3,000 women still die each year from breast cancer.”

That’s too much, says Ambassador Quinte Trustful, who is known for coffee time. “It is therefore important to check your breasts regularly for changes, so that a possible diagnosis can be made in a timely manner.”

changes in the breast

Breast cancer can take many different forms. The most common symptom is a lump in the breast. “The lump looks like a hard spot in the breast. This can happen anywhere in the breast, because breast cancer grows in the mammary glands,” explains Van Gils.

“If you divide the breast into quarters, the upper part of the breast on the outer side will often have lumps, simply because there is more glandular tissue there. But that doesn’t mean you should just check it out,” she warns.

Other symptoms of breast cancer include pits and scratches in the skin, a change in the shape and size of the breast, thickened sweat, and a hardening or orange peel. “Some women also say they feel a burning sensation inside,” Quente Trustful adds.

A change in the nipple can also be an indicator of breast cancer. Van Gils explains what that might look like: “Crust on the nipple, fluid from the nipple, and nipple retraction can all be reasons to see a doctor.”

feel and see

Not only can you feel these potential indicators of breast cancer, as many people think, but you can also see them. This is why it’s a good idea to look at your breasts, too. “Every now and then, stand in front of the mirror with your arms up and study your breasts,” explains Trustfull. “Once you get to know what it looks like, you’ll quickly notice a difference. You can then see that breast cancer can change the shape of your breast.”

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Beware not to overdo it, they warn. “You don’t really have to check every day. You won’t then notice gradual changes,” Van Gils explains. “You feel or see that much better if you check your breasts once a month, for example.”

be cerfull

If you notice a change in the breast, it is best to visit your doctor for a medical examination. Van Giles reassures: “Of course, anomaly does not have to be cancer.” “It can also be caused by something else, like a cyst. If you notice a change, you can see if it still goes away after or during your period. However, it is important to be alert. The earlier you are there, the higher the chance of successful treatment.” .

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