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The platform joins forces to provide more walking space

Walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise. By platform walking room Walking provides many benefits. However, according to them, there is a lack of space for walking. The platform wants to change this.

Several organizations and professionals work together on the Space for Walking Platform who want to contribute to creating more walking space in the Netherlands. The platform wants to make the importance of walking more visible, increase it and share knowledge about walking with examples from practice.


Room for Walking is an initiative of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Wandelnet and CROW. It is also affiliated with many knowledge institutions, social organizations and dozens of governments. Together they join forces to create more walking space. A common agenda has been developed for this purpose, which includes three ambitions for 2030:

  1. Walking is a natural and integral part of policy, design, and management;
  2. The environment provides opportunities and invites to walk safely;
  3. Walking has a positive image and is encouraged.
nature walk
With the Space for Walking platform, many organizations and professionals are committed to making more walking space in the Netherlands. Photo: shutterstock.

partner countries

One of the platform’s partners is Staatsb Glosbeheer. They strive to connect every person in the Netherlands directly from home to a green, water-rich network. According to Harry Boeschoten, director of the Green Metropolis Program of Staatsbosbe, this is not only important for a walk-friendly environment, but also contributes to biodiversity. from seeing Green Metropolis Therefore, Boeschoten advocates city green networks, where areas of green space inside and outside the city are connected to each other.

The relationship of walking and green networks

According to Boeschoten, the color green is good for residents as well as for nature. “All people need a continuous network, easy to find, fun and safe. Whether you take a breath of fresh air for 15 minutes or take a bike ride for an hour. Practically speaking, people love to walk and bike through green spaces. They actively strive for it …they turn around or even turn for it, if the road is more pleasant. If you look through the eyes of a butterfly or a bee or a house sparrow, those green webs are also important: it’s their living environment.”

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For example, Staatsb Glosbeheer has renovated Vennerperhout with government authorities and businessmen in Haarlemmermeer. Riding and walking trails have also been renovated, and a new dog leash area has been created.