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The 77-year-old actor hits a jackpot with Squid Game: "Be...

The 77-year-old actor hits a jackpot with Squid Game: “Be…

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South Korean actor O Yeong-su is having a big break these days with “Squid Game,” the hit series on Netflix. But the 77-year-old experiences his sudden fame with the necessary distance.

GVSource: daily Mail

Yeong-su has captured the hearts of millions of viewers as the blanket of aging and the underdog in the series about a deadly game where the winner can become very rich. But for the 77-year-old, fame at such an advanced age came as a surprise. “So many people try to contact me that I had to hire my daughter to make sure everything goes smoothly. But I am happy to walk on clouds. But now I have to pay attention to the way I act in public. Becoming famous is hard work.”

Yeong-su started acting in 1963, but only got his big break after six decades. But I don’t have any big ambitions anymore. I had a beautiful life, and now I want to pass things on to the younger generations. Look at it this way: if you are young and you notice a beautiful flower while climbing the mountain, you pick it yourself. But when you’re my age, you leave that flower to others. So it is with life.”

Squid Game is currently the most popular series on Netflix, with 142 million viewers in the first month since its release.

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