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The Bitcoin “gold rush” has now begun

The Bitcoin “gold rush” has now begun

With the launch of US ETFs, a new era has begun for Bitcoin (BTC). At least that's what Michael Saylor, perhaps the greatest Bitcoiner of all time, thinks. According to Saylor, this new era can be compared to the gold rush.

The Bitcoin “gold rush” has begun

On the BitcoinAtlantis At the conference, Saylor spoke about the new era of Bitcoin. He believes that since the launch of ETFs, we have entered a period of “strong growth in institutional adoption.”

“I think we are at the peak of the Bitcoin gold rush. It started in January 2024 and will continue until November 2034.”

Saylor said. But why this specific date for the end of the Bitcoin “gold rush”? By 2035, 99% of all bitcoins will be mined, meaning the distribution of bitcoins will more or less end. The final 1 percent will then be extracted over the next 100 years. Currently, 93.5% of all Bitcoin has been mined.

ETFs are just the beginning, according to Saylor. According to him, there will come a time when all banks will facilitate the purchase and management of Bitcoin. Capital will also continue to flow into Bitcoin ETFs and will eventually outpace the value of gold and the S&P 500.

However, this will not be a matter of months, but rather a matter of years, Saylor believes. Then, in 2034, Bitcoin will be the financial standard and will enter the so-called “growth phase.”

Bitcoin and artificial intelligence

He also made an interesting statement at the conference on Artificial Intelligence (AI). Saylor believes that AI is of course indispensable in today's digital world, and Bitcoin will also have similarities to AI.

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For example, he believes that autonomous AI will require digital power. This will be Bitcoin. Remarkably, this is a claim also made by Arthur Hayes, former CEO of BitMEX, last year. He said that at the time Bitcoin is all that artificial intelligence needs to survive. For example, Bitcoin is not permitted, it is always available and rare. Read more about this interesting theory about the coexistence of AI and Bitcoin in this article.

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