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The county is building a spatial future for the city with Poperinge

The county is building a spatial future for the city with Poperinge

The County of West Flanders has entered into a cooperation agreement with the city of Poperinge to review the demarcation of the small town of Poperinge.

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“A Regional Spatial Implementation Plan (PRUP) is being developed for this review. The PRUP provides a space to work and relax, among other things. In the cooperation agreement, agreements are drawn up that ensure a substantial and financial commitment to bring the project to a successful conclusion. That is why the cooperation agreement was made. Approved by county and municipal councils, ”says Deputy Spatial Planning Sabine Lahaye Patio (Open VLD), who also lives in Poperinge. “The county is already working with a cooperation agreement for several other projects, such as the PRUP review of the delineation of the small-town area in Ypres, so that clear commitments are between the county and the municipality (s) involved,” says Moran Dibrio, spatial planner in West Flanders County, 2009. The “Poperinge Demarcation Area” PRUP is approved. Within this demarcation process, space was sought for housing (including the seven hectares between Veurnestraat and Pezelstraat and Sint-Bertinusstraat, ed). This is now a residential protected area, and 1.6 hectares are already urban property. The expansion of the Sabinlin Industrial Zone was also discussed. We wish to create these in the direction of Ypres, from the Aviko buildings on St.-Jansstraat towards the river, and near the Municipal Technical Service buildings in Ouderdomseweg. A maximum of 40 hectares can be extended. Now this is all farmland except for two homes. We have already had discussions with several of the owners. After all, the demand from the industry for additional land is very high, ”says Boring Mayor Christoph DeJager (CD&V). Sharing the plans“ Other urban jobs are also being discussed, such as the future of Mariaziekenhuis. The Academy of Arts – which will move to Vroonhof in a few years – and the departments of De Lovie, which wants to build rather than rent, are now there.) “With this new planning process, the Boring small town district demarcation line is being revised, which is exceptional for a separate whole city,” the mayor said. Create a city and peripheral area. In addition, within this process, space can also be made available for business, large-scale retail, entertainment – such as current demands for indoor paintball and expansion of indoor karting – and other urban activities, such as our master plans for the sports district and station environment, areas must be developed Of the utmost importance. During the demarcation process, Popering residents will have a say in the plans at various times: during public consultation after the commencement memorandum (in September, edited) and during the public inquiry, ”the mayor continues. Next steps after approval from this revised cooperation agreement, the PRUP procedure will begin, Where a preliminary memorandum, a preliminary design and a draft RUP will be developed. In parallel, environmental impacts are also investigated. The final milestone in this process is the final accreditation of PRUP. This is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. The county council approved the agreement in April 22. The agreement is still being submitted to the Popering Council, for which the county will provide 180,000 euros, Poperinge 270,380 euros, both over a period of three years.

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