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The effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine varies with different types of viruses

The effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine varies with different types of viruses

August 5, 2022• New version

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Netherlands began monitoring virus variants. This is done by whole genome sequencing (WGS), a comprehensive method for analyzing the full range of genetic material in an organism. Researchers have now shown that the risk of contracting beta, gamma, or delta variants of SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) is higher among vaccinated individuals compared to the alpha variant.

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The study was conducted by the National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (NIPH).RIVMand the Dutch SARS-CoV-2 sequencing network.SeqNeth). The latter also includes the Department of Medical Microbiology at the Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC). During the study, researchers analyzed 28,578 viral sequences from individuals with known vaccination and previous SARS-CoV-2 infection status.

says Stefan Boers, a medical molecular microbiologist.

LUMC . contribution

The Department of Medical Microbiology at LUMC is affiliated with SeqNeth as a specialist laboratory. In this capacity, they make an important contribution to the generation of WGS data. “We have generated a huge amount of viral sequence data from the Leiden-The Hague region and shared it with both RIVM and the international platform. GISAID. In this way we can monitor any genetic changes of the virus within the Netherlands and also anticipate any changes in the pathogenic or spreading characteristics of the virus,” explains Boerse.

Drafting a vaccination policy

The researchers’ findings were published in Translational Medicine Sciences. “The results of the study will certainly be used to shape future vaccination policies and guide any necessary vaccine modifications.”

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Image caption: Stefan Boers and the sequencing system, as used in the study.

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