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The European Union gives the green light for faster construction of gigabit networks – IT Pro – News

8.5 Gigabit down, 2.5 up. This is what the largest provider in Belgium can offer. This is now 30%. I don't know what the level of GBit coverage is in the Netherlands with different providers at the moment, but in 2020, for example, it was still pathetic in the Netherlands. The ambitions were below this push from the EU anyway: 100% in 2032. The main competitor has also had Gbit coverage with higher coverage within its region for years.

Germany is doing very poorly when you look at its economy. A mobile phone also costs a lot for relatively little compared to all the surrounding countries.

In Ukraine (not EU OFC) I had a Gbit line for years (yes, it still works, yes people use it currently and no, I'm not there myself). In fact, every country I've visited in Eastern Europe has had gigabit fiber for years, especially in cities (but you also see it quite a bit in villages). And in the Nordic countries as well, in Central Europe as well, in Spain and Portugal, I think things are also going well in urban areas. I don't really know what it is about Italy, Greece and the Balkans, but I think the Balkans are in a good position as well, but this is not the European Union. Things may be less regulated in Greece and Italy, but 5G GBit is available.

A fair share of those 65 billion insidious pockets is sure to flow into them. Issuing permits to build networks faster and better doesn't have to cost billions. As a general rule, building in less populated areas doesn't have to cost billions out of subscriber funds. In Romania, for example, you also have Gbit in Boonies, yes, it costs a bit to build, and yes, there is definitely support money involved. But… Godnondejuu 65 billion a year for 6 years is a lot of money.

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