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This is how to make your appraisal interview a success: “Go for a walk first if necessary” |  My guide

This is how to make your appraisal interview a success: “Go for a walk first if necessary” | My guide

GobatAnnual appraisal interviews are a source of stress and uncertainty for many. This shouldn't be the case at all, says Anneliese Baylos, director of human resources services firm Acerta. I asked her how to best prepare for and handle such a conversation right now.

For form or even unnecessary?

“An appraisal meeting should not come as a surprise to either party. “During the year, both the manager and the employee can provide feedback, both positive and negative,” says Annelise Baylos. “In a company culture where there is a good, ongoing conversation with each other, it is The evaluation interview is a formality or it is no longer structured at all.”

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Correct clothing and posture

If a formal meeting is still planned, there are a few things to pay attention to, according to Baylos. “Make sure you're calm. If necessary, go for a walk first: it relaxes you. And wear clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident.”

“Before the conversation, think about what you want to say. It's helpful to write down your successes throughout the year as well as the challenges you've faced. What did you learn? What went well and what didn't? How do you feel about the job overall? What feedback would you like to provide To your manager, so they can support you better?Ultimately, an appraisal meeting is ideally a two-way street, with each party providing feedback to the other, but at the same time also looking to the future.

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ABC of motivation

The HR expert continues that a good evaluation interview also assesses your motivation at work. “It is better to ask yourself this question based on ABC, or self-determination theory. When a person has basic psychological needs aAutonomy, BInvolvement and CIf this level of efficiency is met, it will be stimulated in the right way and there will be more flexibility, less leakage and better performance.

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Annelies Baelus from Acerta: “It's helpful to write down your successes throughout the year.” © Getty Images/Acerta

Don't just talk, listen too

Go into your conversation with a constructive and open mind, Baylos advises. “Try to prepare the conversation well for yourself and say what you want to say, but also listen to your manager. If you don't understand something, dig deeper and ask for examples. Show that your manager's comments are important and return them to him. It goes without saying that aggressive or uninterested communication doesn't work. So show Pay attention, show that the conversation is also important to you and that you are receiving justified feedback and want to learn from it.

Everything is possible/permissible, but…

Are there certain things you should not say during an evaluation interview? “Actually no, provided you say things in a polite and respectful way. A good manager may also want to hear what they can still work on. And you don't have to wait until the appraisal interview. It can actually be important to communicate at any time during the year.”

“If you really feel out of place, or you don't completely agree with the way things are done at your company, it's best to say so at least once. Of course in a constructive way. If you just mention the problems and don't make the effort to offer alternatives or solutions, You run the risk that your comments will not be taken into consideration.

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Go for a follow-up conversation

If a negative conversation occurs, the Acerta director recommends always staying calm. “Ask time to think about the conversation and perhaps comment on it later. Don't argue when you're in all your emotions. Then you'll often say things in a way you regret later. Sometimes it's better to calm down and immediately ask for a follow-up meeting. That way you can Continue the conversation calmly yourself afterwards. If there are any inaccuracies or comments you would like to share with your manager, you can prepare them in a calm manner and discuss them.

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