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The Matrix Resurrections: Watch or Skip?

The Matrix Resurrections: Watch or Skip?

Finally we know how Resurrection Matrix Satisfies. Today, the first reactions from critics appeared on the Internet. And they show how wonderful the movie is!When the movie Resurrection Matrix It was announced, immediately raised many questions. Director Lana Wachowski Actors who were brought Keanu ReevesAnd Carrie Ann Moss in a Jada Pinkett Smith back. Newbies cast like Jonathan Groff in a Yahya Abdul-Mateen II.

first reactions
That old acquaintances and newcomers in Resurrection Matrix Appearing naturally caused a huge mystery among fans. After all, how can Neo and Trinity return? Did they die?

Well, such things should be answered soon in Resurrection Matrix. The movie begins with Neo, in his old character as Thomas Anderson, who lives in the Matrix again. It is stronger than ever.

But thanks to Morpheus (this time played by Abdul-Mateen II), he discovers that he is living in a simulation. And he really wants to get his beloved Trinity out of the Matrix, too. This is the beginning of a great adventure, if we are to believe the first reactions.

We have included a selection of the many reactions for you:

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