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New Nintendo Switch Pro

“The New Nintendo Switch Pro” spotted on Amazon Mexico • Gamingnation

There isn’t just speculation by “insiders” about a revamped version of the Nintendo Switch. Amazon Mexico retailer also appears to have mistakenly confirmed the arrival of the “New Nintendo Switch Pro”.

The website used to have “New Nintendo Switch Pro” on their site, but it has since been removed. The console was spotted by Twitterer Alphabet In response to Wario64.

Removing it can mean two things. Either someone accidentally detects something and recommends Nintendo (or higher) remove it or it’s just a bug and doesn’t mean anything. Incidentally, it wouldn’t be the first time Amazon Mexico revealed something that has yet to be announced. This is how they did it in the past Triple Reneted Spyro Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Additionally, for years there have been rumors about the arrival of a better version of the Nintendo Switch. This started even when the console had only been on sale for a year and we recently heard that the It is produced in July will start. In short, the revelations before or during E3 don’t sound very strange.

According to rumors, the improved model will get a 7-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 720p. Once placed in the dock, it can conjure 4K resolution on TV. Until early this year Nintendo denied everything about the hardware refurbishment, but it looks like it’s working on something ?! Keep a grain of salt on hand, as we can be very disappointed.