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The people of New Zealand invent the big potato and call it duck

Colin and Donna Craig-Brown stumbled upon enlarged potatoes on their farm near the town of Hamilton. While Colin was weeding, he felt something hard beneath the surface.


With the dung fork, the New Zealand player pulled Colossus off the ground, not knowing what he had found. When Colin cut off a piece of skin and tasted it it came to light that it was a potato.

Remarkable, because the pair did not cultivate any potatoes. So Doug may have been on the field for years. “We can’t believe it,” Donna told the AP news agency. “It’s really huge.”

The two decided to name the potato Duck. They don’t like it. They posted pictures of Duck on Facebook. Colin even made him a cart for potatoes to get around the farm. Another photo shows Duck wearing a hat. “Everything is for fun,” Colin says. “You’m surprised at what people want.”


Duck is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest of the 5 kg British potatoes. It is yet to be decided whether Doug will get the title.

Some urgency is advised because the ground duck is getting worse now. It started to show print dots and softened like its smaller counterparts. That’s why he now spends most of his time in the freezer, where Colin and Donna try to keep him intact.