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"The record players are rumored and give Leye unflattering nicknames" |  Jupiler Pro League

“The record players are rumored and give Leye unflattering nicknames” | Jupiler Pro League

For Peter Vandenbett, Mbaye Lee’s resignation from Standard is no big surprise.

“Friday against KV Mechelen was definitely such a match from Standard, after which the curtain fell on a football coach.”

“It was a pathetic performance by Standard before the break. There was a lack of a clear playing system in the game for weeks.”

β€œAfter the match, there was a great speech from Mbaye Lee, who is a very sane person. He criticized his players and the way Standard is working on a problem that has been going on for years.”

“Barely covered criticism of the board of directors, criticism of the lack of quality to perform at the level a club like Standard should achieve. It was the coach’s speech that no longer held back.”

“Leye went on to say he was the right man to get Standard back on the right track,” Vandenbempt says.

“But players who haven’t played on the field in a while find it necessary to gossip behind the coach’s back about his egos and about unflattering titles.”

“Sacking Lee is not the answer to all the problems in Liege.”

“Coaches in need will be looking anxiously at their smartphones during the international break in the coming days. Then I’m also thinking of Francky Dury at Waregem. Maybe also Yves Vanderhaeghe at Bruges and Ronald Koeman maybe in Barcelona.”

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