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The refurbishment of Bockstael station will begin this year, if the language issue does not disrupt works

The refurbishment of Bockstael station will begin this year, if the language issue does not disrupt works

Bockstael station in Laeken has been in need of renovation for some time. In 2022, the NBMS announced that this would be introduced. The station should become more accessible and user-friendly: there will be raised platforms so passengers do not have to wait at the height of the train, new shelters and two new elevators.

But according to Cédric d'Artois, a local resident, the redevelopment of the station “deserves widespread discussion.” Train traffic will not be properly connected to bus and metro traffic, a problem highlighted by the Aarau Urban Movement already in 2022.

The concerned local citizen wanted to see the documents that are part of the participatory process around the station. However, problems arose there, because the French-speaking lake resident was unable to read the permit application in his native language. The annexes to the declaration – such as the explanatory note – are written in Dutch only.

“Rights are not respected”

Dartois speaks Dutch well, but does not master the technical terminology used to understand an urban development permit. “I have the right to receive documents in French,” he said. The last hour.

It also shows an understanding of Dutch speakers who often face similar problems. “Dutch speakers have the right to protest when their rights are not respected,” he says. “Now it's the other way around.”

Over the past year and a half, Dartois has made three complaints about this matter to the Permanent Committee for Language Supervision, which actually agreed with him on one occasion, he said. Prominence.

Allow commenting

In January, Dartois also requested the cancellation and suspension of the permit from the Council of State. A spokeswoman for the highest legal body confirmed that these requests were received on January 23, but she could not comment on the substance of the case.

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The public investigation has now been completed and the works are scheduled to be carried out in the second half of 2024. The station could therefore be opened at the end of 2025, NMBS confirms.