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Penders hangs the cart on a large front

Penders hangs the cart on a large front

The Fronnt installer alliance of ABN Klimatisatie, Induzz3 and Lenaerts-LVR adds a new partner to the group with Bovema International. Fronnt, which specializes in industrial refrigeration and solar panels, has been taken over from Maasmechelen owner Renaat Penders, who will also remain on board the new constellation.

Fronnt was founded about a year and a half ago by Gimv and Tilleghem, with the aim of forming a Flemish alliance of installation companies. At that time, ABN Klimatisatie and Lenaerts-LVR were the first two of the 14 companies in the group.

The latest acquisition is Bovema International, a company active in industrial climate technology and solar energy, based in Ulin. The company was fully acquired in 2014 by Renate Benders, a director of the Limburg company, who together with a colleague acquired the Belgian subsidiary of Pofima through an MBO in the late 1990s. He will remain in his position as CEO after the acquisition.

After Bovema International joined Fronnt, the partner companies together have 485 employees. The aim is to grow further into an integrated, multi-technology installation group that can fully support organizations in their energy transition.

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