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The selection was never that difficult: This was the first live show of "The Voice van Vlaanderen" |  TV

The selection was never that difficult: This was the first live show of “The Voice van Vlaanderen” | TV

TVGreat moment for “The Voice van Vlaanderen” candidates: It is time tonight for the show’s first live show. Despite the extra pressure, the vocals were great again. These are all highlights at a glance.

Preparing well is half the work. Such a live show, of course, brings with it tension. Being able to manage stress is essential when you are on stage. Niels Destadsbader knows this better than anyone, and thus he takes his nominees to the Queen of Zen: Ingeborg.

A quick overview of all performance

Laura Team

Then it’s time, it’s time for a live show! No doubt Laura’s team has made viewers question what motivated the other coaches to fire these nominees. Yvette dump with Lizzo’s swinging song: “Juice.” Her adventure with Natalia’s squad began and she can now perform the team of Laura in the live show.

Mats slowed down with a pretty version of “Partners in Crime.”

Edison gave “Barbie Girl” a whole new look.

“You did it well!” She is proud of Laura Tesoro. “You really deserve to be here.” In the end, she had to make a difficult decision, as only one of these three candidates was allowed to advance to the next round. This became Edison, he could hardly believe her herself. Mats are saved by the voices of the audience, and can be continued.

Team Niels

In the next round we see the nominees from Niels’s team. Toby brings the wonderful “Another Day in Heaven” by Phil Collins for Team Niels. He’s on stage as if he’s done nothing else for years. Is Coach Niels maybe between them?

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Sinay goes all the way to the Motown Tour with a gorgeous cover of “Wonder” in the Shawn Mendez version. This singer is clearly delighted on stage.

Nanou gives a solid performance with Billie Eilish’s song All The Good Girls Go To Hell. Laura is really a fan of nature with which Nano stands on stage. Coach Niels couldn’t help but be proud. Pleased that Nano is arriving on the next round. Tobe could also come, thanks to the voices of the spectators.

Tourist team

Elias brings up Justin Bieber’s “Let Me Love You” cover for the live premiere of “The Voice van Vlaanderen”. All hands go together instantly! Can he convince the audience and his tourist coach?

Nisreen starts off modestly in Drake’s “Hold On We Going Home”, but then her performance started completely open. What a sound! Will the crowd and the tourist LeMC blow their socks off?

Thomas accompanies himself on the guitar. He will perform “Save Tonight” for Eagle Eye Cherry. Together with the band he is throwing a wonderful party!

The lucky one of the tourist’s team turned out to be Elias. He can immediately go to the next round. Thanks to the viewers, Nisreen can take another opportunity.

Natalia team

Grace immediately set fire to the studio during her first live performance. Movements, voice and looks. With Stromae’s “Tous Les Mêmes”, it really packs everyone. Will Coach Natalia take her to the next live show of “The Voice of Flanders”?

Davina Michelle’s Liar is the perfect song for Annelies to flaunt with her lovely low voice. Barefoot arrives at the studio without any problems and with the temptations of the big band, including the coaches.

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Simon and his guitar performed great! Thanks to its “Lonely Boys” cover from The Black Keys, no one will ever be in their seat.

Another difficult option for the coach, but Natalia knows what she wants: Grace can advance to the next role. Thanks to the viewers, Simon can also try again.

Team Quinn

Robin is on stage like an accomplished pop singer. For his “Peaches” cover by Justin Bieber and Daniel Caesar Givonne, he even brought up a grand piano! Loud, stay perfectly straight, Laura Tesoro is sold out. Hope Quinn boss too?

He takes the stage generation up with a host of great supportive voices. She brought the movie “Redbone” by Childish Gambino and creates an amazing atmosphere. According to Coach Quinn, she was totally in song, and that promises.

The joke sparkles both literally and figuratively on “The Voice van Vlaanderen”. She presents a lovely and friendly cover of “Habibi” by Tamino. Coach Quinn clearly has that performance.

Quinn is the first to take Robin to the next round. The joke is saved at the last minute by audience voices.

There are no live performances at The Voice van Vlaanderen without strong guest appearances. Camille presents “fireworks”! She concluded her first live show with a great performance.

Next week will be exciting again, only 7 finalists will be allowed to continue.

Watch the full first live show on VTM GO.