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The Smurfs are back with a new series on Ketnet |  TV

The Smurfs are back with a new series on Ketnet | TV

TVThe world’s most famous blue creature returns on the Ketnet on Friday. It’s a new animated series in which the Smurfs are seen in a 3D version, just like in the latest movie from 2017.

In the new episodes, an all-Flemish voice can be heard, including Sander Gillies (Knutzelsmorph), Joyce Beulins (Smurfette), Charlotte Laysen (Smurfplossom) and Jouvert Diplog (Gargammel).

In the year of the “Smurfs” we also find a number of new faces. For example, join another blue-haired female Smurfette. The new Smurf looks remarkably like Vexy, a powerful Smurf previously seen in the movies.

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“For many years now, Smurfs and VRT have formed an enduring tandem. It is a great honor for us to continue this special relationship in the years to come,” says Veronique Culliford, President of IMPS-the Smurfs and daughter of Smurf creator Peyo.

“Many of today’s parents grew up with Smurfs in the ’80s and ’90s and can now happily watch their offspring feast on Ketnet in the new Smurf adventures. We are very proud of this new TV series and hope young and old can enjoy it together!”

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“De Smurfen”, starting October 29 on all Ketnet and VRT NU channels.




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