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The three countries are following the US diplomatic boycott against China.

The United Kingdom, Australia and now Canada will only send athletes to the Beijing Winter Olympics, not government representatives.

Due to human rights violations, many countries are pursuing diplomatic boycotts against China. Government members or delegates will not be in the arena for next year’s Winter Olympics in Beijing. The United States began Monday. Meanwhile, the country has already found support from allies Australia, the United Kingdom and Canada as of today. However, athletes from those countries will still participate.

Countries point to human rights abuses as reasons for neglect. For example, the Uyghur genocide of the Muslim minority in China. A. who recently mysteriously disappeared Tennis player Western fears.

China considers US action difficult. Therefore, counter-action is being taken. The Chinese laugh that the British are taking part in this operation. “Members of your government have not been invited to the Games,” it sounds from Beijing. They do not see the Winter Olympics as an opportunity to take a political stand.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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