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The U.S. Senate approves Biden’s infrastructure projects

Democrats and Republicans have been debating the deal for months. Taken together, it is the largest U.S. investment of this century, due to (wind) ports and bridges being invested in the rail network. More money is available for green energy.

“It will grow the economy, create jobs and prepare the United States for the future,” Biden said, which was eventually passed by a vote of 32 to 67 in the Senate. Seventeen Republicans supported the Democratic coalition, including Senator Mitch McConnell.

For now, it’s about a seven hundred page deal on the outline. Democrats and Republicans will once again discuss the proper use of money, with each individual topic on the table. Biden is optimistic about further cooperation between rival parties. “This agreement shows the world that our democracy can work,” he said shortly before the vote.

If the final plan is approved by the Republicans, it will have to go back to the House of Representatives. Democrats have a small majority there, but the whole party is not interested in the deal.

After this, Biden has another ambitious package: education, expanding health care and a comprehensive $ 3.5 trillion (95 2.95 trillion) plan to combat global warming. Republicans vehemently oppose the plan.

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