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The United States is not yet sure about the group behind the ransomware attack

The United States is not yet sure who was responsible for the massive ransomware attack that struck businesses around the world. That’s what President Biden said. Hundreds of companies in the United States have been affected, and many companies in Europe have been reported as victims. Swedish supermarket chain coupe attacked Paralyzed.

“The first thought is that it is not the Russian government, but we are not sure yet,” Fiden responded to the attack. He has ordered his intelligence services to investigate. Biden says the United States will respond if it knows Russia is to blame for the attack.

Revil Team

Computer security experts have previously said that there appears to be a Russian-affiliated Revolt group behind the attack. The U.S. Police Service FBI has blamed the group for a cyber attack on Brazilian meat company JBS two months ago.

In a ransomware attack, or ransomware, computers are removed by hostages (hostages) until the victim pays a ransom. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a crowd of people, including Kasia, a software company that manages computers remotely. Presented by the National Cyber ​​Security Center last night A warning From.

In this video we explain how ransomware attack works:

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