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Amerikaanse SEC wil dat Ripple (XRP) juridisch advies over XRP vrijgeeft

The US SEC wants Ripple (XRP) to issue legal advice on XRP.

Once again, some noteworthy things happened in Ben’s suit Ripple (XRP) And the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This time it will not end Requests submitted were rejected From Petitions that startedBut the legal advice Ripple could have received from its attorneys. Earlier this month, it was Jorge Tenrero Apply To check this information. At Tenreiro’s request, a conference call has since taken place between the various parties.

In the case against the SEC, Ripple as a company has, of course, hired legal firms. According to SEC litigation attorney Jorge Tenrero, Ripple has been in contact with as many as 12 of these statutory firms. This is important because, according to Tinrero, Ripple’s lawyers told the company that XRP can be both currency and security, which is baffling of course. This is how Tenryou argues in a telephone counseling with Judge Sarah Knightburn.

Tenreiro also states that Ripple used the legal advice he received to positively influence cryptocurrency exchanges. After it became known that the Securities and Exchange Commission had sued Ripple Several exchanges have banned XRP from their platform. This is why it was so important that Ripple convinced the exchanges that they were right.

Ripple camp clearly disagreed with Tenreiro and SEC results. According to Ripple, the advice they received from their attorneys is irrelevant to the case, and thus they are also asking Judge Netburn not to give in to Tenreiro and SEC requests. Judge Netburn indicated that he would reach a decision as soon as possible.

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