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‘There are no festivals at the moment, maybe mouth covers’

If the delta type of coronavirus is so strong that vaccinated people can spread it relatively easily, it’s important not to have festivals at the moment, “there are no large groups close together, so there are no nightclubs and no events,” he says. Frits Rosendal. , Professor of Epidemiology at Leiden University Medical Center.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), some vaccinated people who contract the delta variant appear to have the same number of virus particles in their bodies as unvaccinated people. In addition, they will be equally contagious to others.

Less chance of serious illness

Vaccines reduce the chance of someone becoming seriously ill after contracting or dying from the coronavirus. But if the number of infections rises, the number of deaths may rise slightly. That’s why, according to Rosendal, it’s important to keep vaccinating to protect people. “Infection is a big problem for countries with low vaccination coverage. That’s why you also have to vaccinate in poor countries, otherwise the virus will continue to mutate.”

Because of the new analysis, the US decided earlier this week to make the wearing of face masks again mandatory in public. This may also be an option in the Netherlands, Rosendal says. “The literature is fairly convincing that mouth coverings make sense.”


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