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There is no new rare kiwi in Avifauna yet, hope is based on the second egg

Bird Park Avifauna eagerly hopes that another rare kiwi will be born this year. Duathahi’s father lays two eggs. Unfortunately, there is still no good news. One of the eggs of the hatching kiwi fell off and became infertile.

The birth of a kiwi at the bird park Avipavana in 2018 was a special moment. This is also the first time, because such a rare flightless bird from New Zealand crawled from its eggs in the Netherlands. The news also did an annual review of the NOS. Avifana even talked about a fairy tale. Kiwi was named Duathahi in honor of the original citizens of New Zealand.

Being in the closest Kiwi to Frankfurt after Avifauna is of great interest. Everyone wants to know if a new kiwi will be born, especially when it will be born. Avifauna hopes that the fairy tale of 2018 will happen again, but the big question is whether it will actually happen. Unfortunately, the first reports are not yet positive, Avifauna says disappointed. One of the eggs of the hatching kiwi fell off and became infertile.

However, that does not mean that the chance of kiwi chicks is gone. All hope is attached to the second egg. “We hoped to get a kiwi chick in early June, but now we’re still expecting a teenager in early July. Presumably Father Boogie realized the egg was infertile and kicked him out of the nest so he could pour all his energy into egg number two.

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You can see in the photo how big the egg is compared to the chicken egg. “When a chicken and kiwi are the same size!” The breeding season is also different. While it takes about 25 hours for a chicken egg to hatch, the kiwi takes no less than 25 days.

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