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These are the most beautiful nine-spoke three-spoke wheels ever

These are the most beautiful nine-spoke three-spoke wheels ever

The 90s had a lot of great things to offer when it came to cars. It was still cool at the time to show off that big 16-valve stereo system I want to be a hippie It was pumped and there are many other add-ons from that time. What remains timeless on some cars are the three-spoke wheels. It may not be the most common wheel design, but the wheels look good on the cars below.

Saab 900 Aero Turbo

Saab had a wide range of three-spoke wheels. The various models, even the 9-5 sedan from the early 1900s, were available in all sorts of fine examples. Our favorites are the chunky, almost Monoblock-like units that were found underneath the 900 Aero Turbo in the late 1980s.

Dodge Viper

Red Dodge ViperRed Dodge Viper

Well, if you build a car without a roof, door handles, driver aids, or airbags, it makes sense to also install fewer of the somewhat common five speakers. Complete with a faux center nut, the Viper’s three-spoke wheels are the pinnacle of ’90s chic.

Opel Corsa SR

Side Opel Corsa SRISide Opel Corsa SRI

A car from more innocent times. Wait, “innocent” may not be the right word when it comes to com. join-classic. The Corsa is almost as late ’80s as the suspender-wearing stockbroker in the 911 Turbo. Don’t those wheels fit that square look perfectly?

Range Rover Classic

Range Rover ClassicRange Rover Classic

What makes the original Range Rover design so timeless? Maybe it’s the lack of pretenses. The body is not even designed. It was simply approved and implemented using untreated aluminum panels that the development team used in the test vehicles.

Brabus Monoblock II

Brabus SL500 monobloc rimsBrabus SL500 monobloc rims

Is there a Mercedes from the 90s that wouldn’t look good with a Brabus Monoblock II? Probably not. That’s why German tuners place it as easily under the S-Class as under the E-Class or SL. Now the design has returned to this SL model, bringing the three-pointed star back to the three-pointed rim.

ford ka

Ford Ka triple-spoke radial tiresFord Ka triple-spoke radial tires

Sometimes something is so ugly that it becomes beautiful again. Full circle, so to speak. Such is the case with these three-spoke alloy wheels that were fitted to this high-quality version of the late 1990s Ford Ka. That’s how they invent
They don’t do that anymore nowadays.

Koenigsegg Regera

Koenigsegg Regara rimsKoenigsegg Regara rims

Three-spoke wheels and supercars usually don’t go well together. But there’s always Koenigsegg. This carbon fiber wheel with three split spokes is among the lightest supercar wheels ever, and Christian himself claims the design would not have been possible using traditional metals.

Mazda RX-7 spinner wheels

Mazda RX7 FB swivel wheelsMazda RX7 FB swivel wheels

Mazda has managed to combine the pursuit of perfection in three-spoke wheels with a not-so-subtle nod to the drivetrain of the car it wore. This triangle with curved sides in the wheel of a late 1980s RX-7 recalls the shape of the rotors on the famous Wankel engine.

Toyota Rav4

Three-spoke side rims for Toyota RAV4Three-spoke side rims for Toyota RAV4

Today’s Toyota RAV4 is a beautiful but anonymous suburban car with a radio permanently tuned to Classic FM. By contrast, in the 1990s, before it came of age, it was a goofy, weird-looking thing with a big spare tire in the back. With few spokes. That’s how it went.