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Omtzigt finds Laurentien's permit method suspension 'painful'

Omtzigt finds Laurentien’s permit method suspension ‘painful’

NSC Leader Peter Umtzigt finds it “painful” to suspend the Princess Laurentian Method for Helping Good Parents for the time being. According to him, these cases are “painful” and would have benefited from Laurentian’s more “rough” approach.

The Princess’s Foundation for Recovery (Equal) (SGH) helped about three hundred victims in this way on a trial basis last year. Under this approach, victims receive fixed amounts for certain events, such as losing a job.

Recognized victims receive €30,000 initially. But many victims have suffered much greater harm, and often have to wait longer before receiving full compensation. The enterprise method should have speeded up the process.

Tighten method

But the Ministry of Finance wants the institution to tighten its approach. The amounts allocated need to be more interpretable, and there is a risk that more people will sign up than the organization can handle. The Ministry is still in discussions with the Saudi German Hospital on how to move forward.

“I hope that soon we will find a way in which this can work, or another way in which we can help these people,” says WNL op Zondag’s Umtzigt. “This has been going on for years.” Umtsigt, whose party will participate in the next government and may appoint a minister on this issue, says the government is “under great pressure” to speed up the recovery.

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