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These photographers captured the most spectacular images of our galaxy and were named the ‘Best Milky Way Photographers of 2022’ | Instagram HLN

Just as the ‘Wildlife Photographer’ is selected each year, so are the photographers who hold the title of ‘Alien’. Milky Way Photographer To be honored. The selected images are breathtaking, and reminiscent of a little more frequent viewing.

The Milky Way, our own galaxy, attracts not only astronomers but also photographers. After all, you can see more through the lens of the camera than the naked eye. That’s why astronomers around the world have turned their lens upwards over the past year from New Zealand to Chile.

Grab the atlas Compiled the most beautiful pictures and poured over. These are some of the most beautiful pictures of our Milky Way galaxy last year. Do not hesitate to judge for yourself …

‘House of Lavender’ in France

‘House of Lavender’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘Egyptian Nights’ in the White Desert of Egypt

'Egyptian Nights'
‘Egyptian Nights’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘Galactic Kiwi’ in New Zealand

'Galactic Kiwi'
‘Galactic Kiwi’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘Secret’ in California (USA)

‘Secret’ © Daniel Zafra on board

Perseid meteor shower in Slovenia

'Perseid meteor shower'
‘Perseid meteor shower’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘Winter Sky Over the Mountains’ in Slovakia

'Winter Sky Over the Mountains'
‘Winter Sky Over the Mountains’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘Ice Age’ in China

'Ice Age'
‘Ice Age’ © Daniel Zafra on board

‘The Path to the Past’ in Spain

'The Path to the Past'
‘The Path to the Past’ © Daniel Zafra on board

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