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This damned poll does not bode well for America

This damned poll does not bode well for America

In the head-to-head contest between President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, 52% said they planned to vote for Biden and 48% for Trump, consistent with 2020 results. But the underlying numbers paint a picture of a seriously ill America..

Why is this important?

The majority of Americans have no interest in a rematch between Biden and Trump in 2024. However, everything points in this direction. The social rupture this rematch could cause threatens constitutional freedoms and American values, according to a new poll from the Center for Policy.

In the news. Outside New national survey of Policy Centre At the University of Virginia, a surprising number of Americans appear to support policies that question the US Constitution, even as a majority express a preference for democracy over other forms of government.

the details: Voters no longer stand up for constitutional freedoms and American values. There is also a deep-rooted mistrust between the two political groups

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