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Belgian Lynne Renee reappears in Guy Ritchie: 'Working with a man is a huge roller coaster' |  Movie

Belgian Lynne Renee reappears in Guy Ritchie: ‘Working with a man is a huge roller coaster’ | Movie

MovieThe recordings of The Gentlemen hardly ended when Lyne Renée (42) was already on the set of Guy Ritchie’s films (52). In an interview with our Hollywood reporter, the British director explained why he invited the West Flemish actress to come back for his latest movie “Cash Truck”: “Lyne is a very sympathetic lady, so it was only natural for me to love again. He wanted to be.”

In ‘Cash Truck’, Renee takes on the role of Kirsty, a brilliant lady who must ensure that Jason Statham’s character Patrick Hargreaves can adopt a new identity. She is also one of the few actresses to have dialogues in the movie. The fact that Richie gave her a second version was, according to the director, “a no-brainer.” “I had a very good experience with her during our first collaboration, so I thought it was natural that I would want to host her again,” Ritchie says via Zoom. “Lynn is also a very nice woman, which is of course a plus. When I choose actors for my films, I always keep in mind how much I like them and how easy it is to work with them.”

And whether the “love” is mutual, because Renee was full of praise for the director last year. In a conversation with our correspondent, for example, she said that the standard is very high in the Guy Ritchie group. During the recording of “The Gentlemen,” for example, he changed the script several times at the last minute, so that the actress had to quickly rehearse her new words: “Working with Jay is such a rollercoaster. Then you’ve got everything set up and then you have to Also being able to get everything off just as fast because the whole scene has been rewritten. Sometimes I only had ten or fifteen minutes to study my new script. You’re working at such a high level and at such a high speed… yeah, that’s unbelievable. to see it.”

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She didn’t have to think twice when Richie came up with his next project: “When you work with him again, you think: ‘Okay! “You’ve reached a point in your career where people really appreciate what you do and how you behave in such a group. I thought it was a huge honor because it turns out Jay loves working with me and also loves what he brings to the group. It’s great that you can take such steps in your career and begin to spread in a certain world. So I feel I am succeeding in my goal.”

In “The Gentlemen” Flemish encounters Jeremy Strong, Matthew McConaughey and Michelle Dockery, and in “Cash Truck” it was also a fun stay between crème de la crème in Hollywood: “Jason Statham is a person’s treasure. We didn’t do a lot of small talk because we were at work , but he was always very nice. And so did Guy Ritchie: He goes and stands like a bulldozer on set, but “The guy is really nice!” (laughs)

gossip Girl

“Cash Truck” has been shown in Belgian cinemas since this week. Renee will also soon appear in the highly anticipated reboot of “Gossip Girl.” She plays Helena Bergman: a former model, wealthy cold-blooded businesswoman and mother of Otto “Obi” Bergmann.

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