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Tiny houses for beginners -

Tiny houses for beginners –

Studio Selva was commissioned by De Alliantie to create a design for 33 temporary homes, eight maisonettes and shared spaces on Barbelstraat in Eemnes. Small houses are for young beginners from the village. Flexible housing is implemented in accordance with the Emergency Housing Act, which obliges Dutch municipalities to house refugees from Ukraine. When the permit expires, homes can be moved to another location.

As in other temporary projects of Silva Studio, solutions were sought in public spaces to enhance the sense of community. The starting point in the design was to keep a number of ancient trees on the plot of land and include them in the house plan. The low-rise residential blocks are thus grouped around a green, car-free central square with bicycle parking and a playground. The laundry room and multi-functional common area can be accessed from here.

Thermally preserved wood

The long residential building on the western edge of the plot is accessed via a portico and turns its back to the adjacent highway, thus acting as a sound barrier. The facade is made of thermally preserved wood and painted in a warm red color that contrasts with the abundance of greenery.

For public space Architect Recycled clinker and stelcon panels were used. Around the buildings, an area planted with insect-loving plants and herbaceous mixtures provides privacy to the homes on the ground floor.

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