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Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#46, 2023)

Top 4 Android Apps & Games of the Week (#46, 2023)

Defeat monsters from your smartphone, save your favorite links and videos together and make sure your family never has to worry about your funeral. You can read all that and more in this edition of this week’s best Android apps and games.

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You can find something about almost everything on the Internet. You can watch YouTube videos about your favorite hobbies, find delicious dinner recipes, and interesting news on countless news sites. However, there is often no way to easily save Internet pages for later.

This is where Keeplink comes into play. This allows you to easily save links from web pages in one application. You can name these links and then they appear with a small preview in the app, so you know where the link is right away.

You can also create categories to divide links into. Using the search tool, you can easily find the correct saved link again. Helpful and clear!

Keeplink: Bookmarks manager

Miele applications

2. Rumble cans

Blizzard Entertainment, maker of popular games such as Overwatch, World of Warcraft, and Diablo, We have released a new game, especially for your smartphone. Warcraft Rumble is a strategy game where you have to defeat your enemy using different characters with all kinds of powers.

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Warcraft Arclight Rumble cinematic announced

In online battles, you’ll play against other players or overcome increasingly difficult levels. This is how you defeat bosses and explore the game world. Learn spells to become stronger and invincible. Warcraft Rumble is free to play and can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Rumble cans

Blizzard Entertainment

3. Fijiri

We are all going to die, but are you ready for your funeral? Fjaere’s new app gives you insight into the things you need to arrange before you die. There may be more than you initially expect.

With Fjaere you can define your wishes for your funeral and modify them if necessary in just a few clicks. This way, your relatives always have up-to-date information.

com. fjaere

With a premium subscription of €3-4 per month, you can arrange more things, including a funeral. Such as writing down your passwords, loans, insurance, pensions and much more. Fjaere donates a portion of subscription proceeds to charities in the Netherlands.

Fjaere – funeral wishes

Fajairi B.V

4. Silent Hill: The Rise

Silent Hill is a famous horror game series and the games are loved by many. The makers of Silent Hill are now offering an interactive series that you can follow via an Android app. Every day a part of the story is released and you as a viewer have an impact on the story.

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Silent Hill: The Rise |  Premiere |  Google Apps

There is a voting moment every day, where Silent Hill: Ascension users decide together how the story will continue. Unfortunately, there’s not much you can play, so look at the game as a series on your smartphone.

There’s certainly no shortage of exciting atmosphere and a good story, so you can imagine yourself deeply immersed in the story of Silent Hill: Ascension.

Silent Hill: The Rise

Genevid Entertainment LLC

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