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Town in New Zealand terrorized by Celine Dion music: Residents no longer sleep a wink |  Abroad

Town in New Zealand terrorized by Celine Dion music: Residents no longer sleep a wink | Abroad

A town in New Zealand is dealing with a strange phenomenon. Day and night, cars with upgraded sound systems blast Celine Dion hits like ‘My Heart Will Go On’ and ‘It’s All Coming Back to Me Now’ through their speakers. Residents no longer sleep a wink.

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It turns out to be a loudspeaker contest: whoever makes the sound loudest and clearest wins. They run during the week and on weekends, often late into the night.

Participants cruise the streets or park in a parking lot, then play loud music while their engines rev. They often change places to avoid the police.


They equip their car with industrial loudspeakers, megaphones and sirens and try to outdo each other. According to a participant in the local media, the fact that Celine Dion’s music was chosen is related to the fact that it is clear, with high tones and not much bass.

Residents of Porirua, north of the New Zealand capital Wellington, have gone berserk and have petitioned the authorities to intervene. “We either have to find another place for these people or stop it,” Mayor Anita Baker said.

About forty incidents

Forty incidents were reported to the police between February and October. “I’m tired of having our peace disrupted for hours at a time,” said Diana Paris, a co-signer of the petition. “I like listening to Celine Dion in my own home and at an acceptable volume, but I just don’t like the pieces that start and stop constantly from 7pm to 2am.”

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