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Train traffic to the Netherlands is again possible

Train traffic to the Netherlands is again possible

Rail traffic in the Netherlands is back on track. Dutch Railways NS has reported this and Infrabel confirms this. A malfunction in the telephone system this afternoon caused inconvenience to the entire Dutch railway network.

International train traffic to the Netherlands is again possible. Infrabel reports this. Trains were only able to run to the border with the Netherlands on Monday afternoon because our northern neighbors had to face major train disruptions.

Due to a failure in the GSM-R network in monitoring ProRail traffic, the railway network in the Netherlands was largely closed this afternoon. The GSM-R network is mainly used for communication between drivers and traffic control. Due to the disconnection, the connection was temporarily not possible, which made continued driving unsafe for drivers. The outage has since been fixed and has also affected the train lines between Belgium and the Netherlands. They had to stop at the border.

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