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Tram 10 was commissioned in the fall, but Tram 25 will remain

Tram 10 was commissioned in the fall, but Tram 25 will remain

The opening of tram line 10 is necessary to meet the growing demand for efficient communication from Neder-Over-Heembeek to the rest of the city. Until now, this sub-municipality is not easily accessible, and residents of Niederover Hembeck, bordering Koningsloe and Grimbergen, have to make a lot of effort to move to the center of Brussels.

The municipality’s population is increasing. The population of Niederover Hembeck is expected to increase by a quarter by 2035, representing a 32 percent increase in the number of students compared to 2018 and a 36 percent increase in jobs in the municipality. Line 10 should provide “direct, fast and convenient connectivity with high capacity to support these developments and meet the growing mobility needs of Brussels residents,” the MIVB said on Wednesday during a press presentation of the future tram line.

Simone Veil and Margaret Yourcenar

Tram line 10 will run from Churchill in Oakley to the military hospital in Niederover Hembeck. The tram passes through several stations and important places in Brussels, such as the North Station, Rogier, De Brocaire, the South Station, and Albert. The tram line will have ten new stations, including two stations named after two women: Simone Fell and Marguerite Yourcenar.

“These are the fruits of the region’s enormous investments in public transport. Every day, STIB offers a more efficient and comfortable network for all Brussels residents,” said Brussels Transport Minister Elke van den Brandt (Green).