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Why are food packaging becoming smaller and therefore often unreadable?

Why are food packaging becoming smaller and therefore often unreadable?

But the producers are also looking forward. “In the future, the bar code will be replaced by a QR code. It is a two-dimensional code that can contain more information. We are currently still in a transitional phase, but by 2027, there should be a QR code on every package and the customer will be able to scan the response code.” He did this quickly using his smartphone in the supermarket, making it easy to read all the information.

More comprehensive information will be available to the customer on this QR code. “A QR code can contain up to 7,000 characters, which is approximately the size of an A4 without having to be connected to the Internet. But being connected to the Internet will provide more information. This allows retailers to make operations more efficient and sustainable and consumers can A smartphone will be able to access To real-time information, think allergen information, expiration dates and recipes, but also promotions, reviews, guarantees and instructions for use will be available to the customer.

The question remains: What information should be physically present on the packaging, and what information will only be available digitally? Because producers will also have to take inclusivity into account in the future. Everyone will have to still be able to read the mandatory information on the packaging,” concludes Bart Kallis.

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