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US State: Google buys Samsung from the App Store

Theory and practice

While Google claims the theoretical possibilities of Android being properly open, lawyers in the United States do not believe in its practical effect. They propose Google has taken steps to further close the Android ecosystem to competitors. The original manufacturer of the mobile operating system positioned itself as the inevitable intermediary for developers to reach consumers.

In addition, Google would have cut off the App Store to compete with the blocking measures. Smartphone company Samsung’s Galaxy App Store is a prime example of fierce competition. Google will maintain its monopoly on app distribution for Android. Samsung was pushed aside and not completely left behind, but purchased.

Epic Game Fortnight

Google has been accused of offering Samsung a series of benefits and concessions in exchange for not expanding its Galaxy Store, according to U.S. lawmakers. Although the South Korean device manufacturer’s app store is not as well known or widely used as Google’s own Play Store, it can be a great competitor.

The so-called killer apps and exclusives can help a lot with this. Samsung has been active in it. For example, the company signed a deal in 2018 with game maker Epic to bring the popular Fortnite exclusively to the Galaxy Store. This one exclusive app already earns millions of dollars for Google, writes Ars Technica. Samsung had more deals like this in the works, but the names are still being censored in the hopeless case against Google.