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Venice bans ships | Abroad

Some ministers, especially Cultural Affairs Minister Tario Francescini, have emphasized this. Demonstrations have been going on for years against the gigantic floating colon near St. Mark’s Square, to the outrage and shock of many Venetians who have continued to protest against it. On the other hand, it was an important business for the city and a dream for travelers who could appreciate Venice down from the cruise ship.

Ships that were in any condition until at least May 1 due to the Corona crisis will now have to sink further into the port of Margera. Alternative routes are being explored where large cruise ships may go in the future. These new ports should be economically and technically sound.

Ships posed not only visual harassment, but also danger. For example, in early June 2019, there was a collision in a bustling lake in Venice. The gigantic shipwreck MSC Opera collided with a cruise ship unable to brake in a timely manner. Five minor injuries were the result, and the opera was also affected.

The incident naturally increased the pressure to block ships in Lake Venice. Venice Mayor Luigi Brugnarov also said ships on the lake should end. The then Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Danilo Donnelly promised that it would be over. But it took until this week for the Drake cabinet to take action.