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Vidasil understands frustrations of Klein Castelltege employees |  interior

Vidasil understands frustrations of Klein Castelltege employees | interior

The Combined Trade Union Front has held a strike sit-down in front of the entrance gate of the Klein Castellje Application Center since 8 a.m. on Monday. To denounce the poor working conditions. Fedasil understands its employees’ 24-hour strike and acknowledges that the limits of its work are being explored.

With the strike, Fedasil employees want to point out that the workload is too high and working conditions are poor. Moreover, there is a shortage of reception places, because centers that are closing will not be replaced, according to the unions.

“Once again we are facing an increasing influx, and again we are pushing the boundaries of the organization to provide every student with a bed every day. This is asking a lot from all of our employees. I understand that people are asking what’s ahead and what measures are being taken to structurally solve the problems,” Michael said Kegels, general manager of Fedasil.

According to Vidasil, there are several reasons for the pressure on the reception network. There is an increase in the number of asylum applications in Belgium, the loss of reception capacity due to the floods last July, the resettlement of Syrian refugees, the extension of stay in reception centers and the repatriation mission from Afghanistan. In addition, shelters will still have to reserve part of their premises as isolated places for potential Covid infections.

Managing Director Kegels adds that new hiring has already been made and the government has created new buffer zones, but “I understand the feeling that this is too late,” he concludes.

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